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It will be a start!

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On October 14, 2010
At 3:00 am
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I wanted to say something about the Chilean miners, the effects of hype on authenticity, the triumph of the human spirit, and the global community. And maybe eventually I will. But instead, I should really say this.

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This is me. Only I am saying, “I will start my thesis today.”

Now I just need a good lacy slip.

Title comes from:
The Jam – Start!


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Tami says

“I will start my diet today!”

You can do it Becca! I have faith in you.

Becca says

Thanks, Tam Tam! But it’s WAY easier to do a thesis than to diet, so good luck to you.

sarpon says

What a relief! I really thought you were going to sell my NYC crash pad out from under me!

Good thesising wishes to you.

Becca says

Thanks, and never! Until I run out of cash, which could be any day now.