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Picture of the day, how sweet it is edition

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On August 9, 2010
At 5:00 pm
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What else is there for me to say? Oh right, this. In my life, I have only seen David Nalbandian play in a final on TV three times (Wimbledon 2002, Shanghai Finals 2005, and yesterday’s Legg-Mason Classic in DC). This is both a function of the lack of tennis on American television and the dearth of championships in which Nalby has appeared. And it’s only the second time I have ever seen him win one. I’d try to explain how amazing it was to watch but instead, I’ll let the picture have its thousand words.

CNN: David Nalbandian wins Legg-Mason Classic title in Washington


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Melanie says

I totally thought of you when I read the headline that he’d won!

Elena says

My sister was just mentioning this last night, and wondering what you thought, as he was all over the Washington Post the last few days. Congrats!

Becca says

Thanks, guys! For someone who had nothing to do with his success, I feel bizarrely proud.

sarpon says

He has to know how much he owes this to you, Becca. Every time he googles “Is David Nalbandian Jewish?” he is reminded of your constant support.

Alex says

Plus, for all you know, he’s Googling “David Nalbandian” AND MIND.

Jane says


Becca says

Today someone Googled “david nalbandian jew or not a jew.” I believe that is a new game show.