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It’s dark and New York is hot

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On July 7, 2010
At 2:15 am
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This was supposed to be the picture of the day except the day is over. And it was the day before that, anyway. But the Queen of England was here today and I could not believe it, she wore long sleeves. This is to prove that nothing can ever be as much torture as having Fergie as a (former) daughter-in-law. It was 103 degrees here, convincing me to finally turn on the air conditioning. But I feel the Queen would not have done so. She is stoic.

But this is not the Queen in New York, this is Her Majesty at the RIM factory (that’s Research In Motion, aka the BlackBerry people) in the decidedly cooler climes of Canada. I’m posting this picture simply because they gave the Queen the same model as I just got! Thus proving that for the next 5-7 days, I own the most current and up to date model. And I am going to bust that thing out everywhere! Fuck your iPhone! The Queen and I are BlackBerry buddies!

And as soon as she gives me her PIN, I am going to totally message her that.

Title is a take-off of a DMX album title. And the temperature check at 2am? 83 degrees. I picked this particular track because it was produced by Swizz Beatz from whom I once received a group email that was both abusive and hilarious.
DMX – Ruff Ryders’ Anthem


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kylydia says

For once! I got the title before it had to be explained to me. ;)

Irishelena says

Does she REALLY know how to use it? Doesn’t she have, like, ladies in waiting, to text and do all that stuff for her?
And those RIM people could have gotten her a better-fitting lab coat. It covers her white gloves! And clashes with her hat.
I didn’t melt on the way home yesterday. It was only 100. Today, 103. Canada sounds like a good place to be.

sarpon says

Was she stopping by to check on her borough?

Becca says

Lydia, I need more rap titles!

Elena, I believe she does and in fact, I believe this is not her first BlackBerry. PS, see you in Canada!

Sarp, I don’t think so, she heard bad things about the 7 train.

JF says

I’m also on crackberry now. So you and I are as cool as the Queen.

Becca says

JF, I knew it all the time! :)