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Yes, yes, only two things on the brain right now

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On October 21, 2009
At 10:00 pm
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Anyway, I managed to combine school and baseball tonight with my “Visualization of Instructional Design.” That is, do a PowerPoint (well, now I use Keynote but whatever) illustrating theories of Instructional Design with some other method of visualization.

Here’s how I did it.

(click to enlarge)

The professor said it was, “very unique.” I think that means, “I don’t even know what to think” in academic speak.


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Priszm says

I hope you got an A. That was very creative.

Irishcardinal says

I like it! Very very unique–uniquer than anything I’ve seem. I’m impressed. I’d give you an A+ and immunity from the next assignment.

sarpon says

Fascinating. Where can one find materials applying this instructional methodology to development of strategic reaction to blatantly blown calls?

North of the City says


Pam says

Now do it with tennis!

Becca says

Thanks, all! No grade yet.

Actually, Sarp, I was asked (by another student) to apply Instructional Design to why the Mets blew it this year and I did. She was impressed.

KP says

Go Yanks!

We’re going to the World Series baby!


P.S. Nice job!

Alfa says

That’s probably the first time Robbie Cano ever said “cognitive.”

I want to see the Mets version!

Becca says

He knows how to say it in Spanish, I just know it.

The Mets version would probably be based on this image: