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When thinking of him was about the music

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On June 25, 2009
At 10:30 pm
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Once upon a time, when I used to hold my transistor AM radio to my ear as I fell asleep at night, this was my favorite song. It sounded so good! It still does. It always will.

Edited to add the video. I remember seeing this on TV pre-MTV, I wish I could remember where. But it’s useful just to say that the joy you see in Michael’s face in the video is pretty much the same expression I have when I hear the song. I think this is the way I’ll remember him.


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Lisatagio says

You’re a … rock star
Everybody wants you
Player… Who could really blame you
We’re the ones who made you

Becca says

Why, Lisatagio! You Eminem fan.

But yes, so true. We love to make heroes and tear them down, don’t we?