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iPod song of the week – Self

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On April 12, 2009
At 9:30 pm
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This is another of those mid-90′s things that isn’t available anywhere but eBay and I’m not selling mine. But seeing Uncle Billy in a comment (and he’s been mentioned in two posts, just namelessly) reminds me of this song, a song that never got the respect it deserved. See, it was supposed to be the new “Loser” a la Beck, and personally, I think it was poppier and catchier, yet it went nowhere just a year or two later. Which is a shame, really, because it still stands up all these years in the future. Like “Loser,” this song is self-deprecating and nihilistic with lots of nonsense lyrics, combining power pop and hip-hop.

Even though I haven’t listened to this album in about fifteen years, lines from the songs still float through my head sometimes, that’s how sticky they are. I sometimes forget they’re even from this CD, except I listened to it today and, well, now I remember where those lines originated. It’s a lot like all the Beatlesque power pop I love so much like Jellyfish and Matthew Sweet and Crowded House. I have no idea why I let it sit so long. Now that I have it on my iPod where it belongs, I can tell you that it still makes me want to sing out loud. I may even have done so, but, as you recall, I hate my neighbors, so it’s OK.

Enjoy via this dated YouTube video and feel free to write to SonyBMG about getting this on iTunes and other download services.


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