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all signs point to no


Enjoy the special day!

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On February 13, 2009
At 11:00 am
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Pitchers & Catchers reporting, that is.

Every year, I fall in love all over. And then get my heart stomped on. Admittedly, less often than the rest of you, but still. Not this year. I’m sure of it.

This is always the best part of the relationship – all that potential!

Love. Exciting and new.

:: sigh ::

Or whatever they’re calling it now.

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Irishcardinal says

The most wonderful time of the year! Wish I could go to spring training this year–maybe next year. At least I have college baseball starting Friday. That will have to provide my hot dogs/fresh cut grass perfume for now.

Becca says

I have been to Spring Training and it was very cool. I’m lucky in that my Dad has a place in Tampa. I’m unlucky in that I’m not very fond of Tampa. (Sorry, Floridians).

Irishcardinal says

I’ve been a couple of times. I also don’t like Florida, but it’s a lot of fun going to Spring Training anyway.

Kim (kwhit) says

I thought of you when my 7 year old solemnly informed me something was going to happen because our neighbor’s Magic 8-ball told her so.

I miss you on the other side.

Becca says

Irish, indeed. And you can’t beat the coconut patties.

Kim, haaaa! That’s awesome. And thanks, miss you too – life’s been crazy.