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Rocky mountain high

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On October 2, 2008
At 10:15 pm
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Greetings from beautiful Denver! And I do mean beautiful; they have these really big hills here they call mountains! I like them. It’s been an action packed day here with Kay and Nigel but luckily, we started our day with caffeine so it was OK. It wasn’t just caffeine, it was a whole caffeine factory. You may not know this but they make Celestial Seasonings tea right near here in Boulder, CO and the factory was started by hippies in 1969. I learned this on the tour. Now, even The Man can drink it. Groovy.

You weren’t allowed to take pictures on the tour but I knew that the power of J-Ball to spread tea love around the world would have persuaded the flower children to let me, so I did. Here’s some tea going down the assembly line. Don’t tell anyone that this is how they do it!

It was like double entendre heaven! Because Kay and I are twelve, we teeheeheed all over the place at this sign.

And this one. The hairnet is because we were all required to wear hairnets. So the next time you have a cup of Red Zinger without a hair in it, you can thank me.

We were still twelve in the gift shop.

But, if you are older than twelve, you may remember the show Mork and Mindy, the second most famous thing about Boulder. I had to see the house where they filmed the exterior shots. Oooh. Aaah. Nanu nanu.

Afterwards, we shopped and I bought too many souvenirs. This is Kay’s fault. She is a terrible, terrible enabler. Later, when she’s asleep, I plan to switch her regular tea with Sleepytime.

Lastly, we went to watch the VP debates with lots of other Obama people at a Mexican place where fresh-faced volunteers kept coming over and interrupting my beerdrinking by asking me to pitch in. It’s a long commute from New York, though, so I had to decline. Nigel told me that I had a horrified look on my face most of the time. But it was a good crowd and did I mention? I was drinking beer.

Tomorrow, most of the rest of my team arrives and Sarpon and I get to play Bert and Ernie at our hotel. I’m the one with the round orange head. Too much Red Zinger.

John Denver – Rocky Mountain High


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kb says

I am at this moment looking at those beautiful, hazy mountains. Well okay, at this moment I’m looking at my computer screen, but any moment I *could* get up, pull the curtains back, and look at the mountains.

I tried to have caffeine but I spilled it all over the bus floor. Because I thought I had left my cellphone in the airport so looking for it was momentarily more important than paying attention to my caffeine.

I didn’t see any orange heads in the lobby. I’m super sleepy though so I’m going to nap a bit before going down again. See you at 6.

Arjewtino says

No bull testicles for you?

sarpon says

Hey, now, no need to be telling the whole world about my bushy black eyebrows.

And enough already with the duck.

Maureen says

Glad you’re enjoying the trip, and I hope that Team Fabulous has a fabulous time.

The teabagging sign would have had me laughing for approximately 17 hours.

Also, I miss you.

oxocube says

It had us laughing for more than 96 hours, actually.

Becca says

It was great meeting you, kb!

Arj, er, no. But I did have a bite of a sugar-free, yeast-free, gluten-free millet muffin. I know, how could I only have one bite?

Sarpon was able to explain this joke to me in person. I know, rubber duckie, how dumb am I?

I miss you too, Maureen! You’ll come next year. And Oxo is correct, we did laugh for more than 96 hours. I’m pretty much still laughing.