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Earth-shattering news from the UK

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On September 16, 2008
At 2:45 pm
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A lot going on in House of Becca, but in the meantime, in case you’re having a slow news day, here’s an exciting article from the London Daily Telegraph.

Duke of York and his travelling ironing board

When the Queen’s second son goes on long trips as trade ambassador his trusty ironing board always accompanies him,

Not that the duke, who tries to squeeze in a round of golf on most trips, is overly familiar with the art of pressing shirts and trousers. The ironing board, which has been in royal service for at least five years, is always in the care of the valet who accompanies the Duke to ensure that his clothes are neatly turned out.

The ironing board with the HRH label was spotted by baggage handlers in the hold of the plane taking the Duke to Vietnam from Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on Friday.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Yes, this entire article can be summarized by saying, “Prince Andrew’s staff carry an ironing board with them when he travels. To iron his clothes on. Because he wears a lot of suits and needs to look neat.”

My God, who knew? Tomorrow in the Telegraph, Prince William travels with comb.


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sarpon says

Alas poor York.

The places I stay in not only keep ironing boards *and* steam irons in the closet, they have hair dryers in the bathroom, and hardly any of them tether the remote to the dresser.

kb says

ya’d think the places he goes would provide their own …

Becca says

I know! I thought of this too. Maybe the Royal Family is saving pounds sterling by sticking Andy at the Motel 6.