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Further to my point

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On August 12, 2008
At 7:15 pm
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… from the last post.

Two Jews and a black man help Phelps fulfill Olympic dream


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Deas says

I thought this was going to be like “A rabbi, a priest and a minister….”

Alex says

Oy, the world will get tired of Michael Phelps, and then this will turn out to be bad for the Jews. Just you wait and see.

sarpon says

I know you like your privacy Becca, but I am frankly surprised that you waited until now to reveal that you are, in fact, a black man.

Becca says

Deas, it is, only at the end, the bartender gives them a medal.

It always does, Alex, it always does.

It looks like that in the photo, Sarpon, but I assure you, it’s just hazy.