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Poor Hilary

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On June 4, 2008
At 9:30 pm
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A two-hit wonder. What ever happened to her?

Who did you think I meant?

PS, that’s right, spotlight on 1983 continues!

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KP says

Here are my guesses:

1. She got stuck in one of those cloth tubes and never got out.

2. She married a Thompson Twin and lives on a farm in Scotland.

3. Carrer ending key-tar injury forced her into a desk job at a BAC in New Jersey.

4. She currently resides at a private facility in Connecticut where she has been under the care of specialists for the past 25 years to become less “kinetic”.

sarpon says

I knew you didn’t mean my sister-in-arms, because I’m sure you can spell her name correctly.

Becca says

Those are some good ideas, KP. I’m going to choose 5, all of the above.

Sarp, please don’t call attention to the fact that I had to make this pun with two women who spell their names differently. ;-)