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iPod song of the week – Death Cab For Cutie

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On May 11, 2008
At 10:00 pm
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I’m backdating this because I meant to post it before I left. It is simply the only thing I’m listening to right now. Luckily, it’s eight minutes and change, so play it twice and that’s my commute to work. There’s a short version. It’s nice. The long one is simply fantabulous. It starts with the sound an LP makes when you pick up the needle too fast and the intro is extended and meandering and has a melody line that answers itself back.

The lyrics are trite, don’t worry about them. Somehow the deadpan way they are sung underlines them more than any emotion could.

I never liked this band. I owned nothing by them until this song. Soul Meets Body kind of makes me hurk. But this is IT.

Listen and just groove. Oh, you can watch, I guess that’s the point of posting the video. The visuals remind me of the way I listen to music: by myself and observing the world, both traveling and still. The “band plays in the cold” thing is kind of like U2′s New Year’s Day only a bit less snowy. But I don’t think it gets old.

If you are interested, this album comes out Tuesday and the band appear on Letterman the same night.

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Merrick says


I’m use to clicking on your iPod SOTW and hearing something new to my ears. I’ve actually heard this one – frequently thanks to my favorite station. It kind of skeeves me out though. It’s the “stalker song”. The music is nice, I just can’t get past the lyrics.

Becca says

Ha! I never even thought of it that way. I guess it could be interpreted as stalkery. I usually ignore the lyrics, as I said, because there doesn’t seem anything special to them, but yes, that could be pretty creepy.