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Comparative religion with Becca

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On April 18, 2008
At 11:45 am
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Well, I met Tami and I know you will all be shocked, shocked to learn that she did not come to New York in a bonnet. I didn’t even make that up! Tami said she should have come to NY in a bonnet. I didn’t even have a mental association between Mormons and bonnets. But now I do! Note to self: Laura Ingalls – Mormon.

Anyway, you may wonder what’s with all the Mormon hype but I really do think there’s a big connection between the experience of being Jewish in America and being LDS. People don’t get us and think we’re wacky. They say things like, “do you wear weird underwear? How come you go to Temple and not church? I couldn’t live without alcohol-caffeine/lobster-McDonald’s. You believe that literally? It’s 2008!”

So Tami and I bonded and decided to call ourselves MormoJew in a show of unity. She even told me the secret of why those break away polygamists (who are NOT Mormons, by the way) have such high hair. Like I’m going to tell you! I told her how Jewish ladies don’t have to wear a tallit (prayer shawl to the less Jewey – you can see them in Fiddler on the Roof, as Tami did) and she told me that Mormon ladies don’t have to go on missions. But she did. She went to Sri Lanka and exploded from spicy food.

Speaking of spicy food, here is Tami, at left, with former Reader of the Month, RNerd, and our waiter, Mr. SellALot. Shhh, he doesn’t realize he’s on this blog. We left your tip in the Ganesha, Mr. SellALot!

To all the world’s religions, happy Passover, happy Orthodox Easter, happy Papal visit! JBall will be back Tuesday!

Swear to God! This is my favorite Duran Duran song.
Duran Duran – New Religion


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Kylydia says


~dogandmusiclover~ says

Cool! Now we can put faces with names!

I really do enjoy learning about all the different religions. It’s truly fascinating!

Becca says

I know! Don’t they look so happy?

Tami says

Becca, this night will live in my soul forever. You are my kindred spirit…my Mormojew BFF!

(Perhaps you could have picked a picture that made my butt look a little BIGGER!)

Caren says

Becca has that effect on all of us. She’s rad.

Alex says

Becca affects the appearance of everybody’s butt?

Tami says

I like Alex. I wish I knew who he/she was.

Becca says

Caren, I hope never to make your butt look bigger. And thanks!

Tami, Alex is a guy. Being married to a woman, however, he understands those delicate “does this make my butt look bigger” moments in a woman’s life. And thanks!

Also, your butt isn’t even in that shot. That is to say, come back soon and I’ll take one from another angle!

KP says

Those two chicks are hot.