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April Fools Day Blogoversary

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On April 1, 2008
At 11:00 pm
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The fool is me, as you recall. I forgot my Blogoversary. But as promised, here’s the celebratory post. Play along with me and pretend it’s the 19th, okely dokely?

Calculating the stats from my second year was tougher than my first. That’s because I had to subtract last year’s from this year’s. Math is hard! And why didn’t I have enough foresight to start my blog on a January 1st? But no matter, I still have my calculator out from doing my taxes (bake sale ingredients are tax-deductible, right?), I might as well get some more use out of it.

So! Let’s get to it.
Posts: 386 total/233 this year
Comments: 3,845 total/1,744 this year
Post with the most comments: And It Makes Me Wonder. And I’m so proud of that one because it was a discussion rather than just a bunch of comments. I love you people!
Top 5 Countries: US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Australia
Top 5 US States: New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida
Most popular search term: “roger federer jewish” – same as last year. (And he still isn’t.)
Most hotlinked picture: Bleeding Gums Murphy

As I said, this isn’t as exciting as my first blogoversary but I like to think I’ve matured. And by matured I mean that I don’t tinker with my design every weekend. The first year of the blog was really eventful, this year was more settled which I think led to more interesting posts. This is kind of like the way artists always say in interviews, “this is our best album ever! Our entire careers have led up to this point.” Yes, right. But I do actually think that not leading a wild and crazy life facilitated more thoughtful posts. Also, I think there was more “me” in the blog than before. That can’t be good.

Changes in my own life have caused the blog to be less religiously oriented but it still, I hope, has that Jewish inflection. But to bring some more of that back, and because I learned how to use the forms application, I’ve put in place a means to submit Jew & A questions without having to e-mail me (it’s in the sidebar under Pages in case you forget where this link is). People don’t like to e-mail. I understand this. You can be totally anonymous via form and submit questions whenever the thought occurs to you. Unless you’re not near a computer and then you’re just stuck. If it’s something private, I can even just e-mail you back. But then you actually have to send me your e-mail address. Sucks, I know.

I think one of the primary reasons this blog exists is that I’m the only Jew a lot of people know. That’s weird in New York but I have a lot of friends in those other states. Wisconsin even, did you see? They have more Wal-Marts in some places than Jewish people and those folks still watch Seinfeld and Sex and the City and they want to know what a bris is or why matzah tastes so stale even when it’s fresh.

If you don’t remember Jew & A, and it’s been a while, there’s a new category for it so you can just have a look at the old ones by clicking on that in the sidebar. Oh, and I’ve tweaked my sidebar to mostly make one blogroll and streamline some things. And I’ve updated David Nalbandian but that’s just because I knew guests were coming so I thought I’d clean up. Because a blogoversary isn’t just a time of reflection, it’s a time to look forward. I read that on a greeting card, I feel sure.

Lastly but not leastly, I want to thank all of you, for reading, for commenting, for e-mailing things you didn’t want to comment on publicly, for linking, for being Facebook fans, for giving to my charities, and for being pretty much the best readers in the whole world. Yes, I have scientific proof of that, I just choose not to display it. Just know that J-Ball would be nothing without you!

By the way, I lied. I downloaded a Firefox plug-in and spent two hours to get my new form just right. You knew I’d never change, didn’t you?

Like most white people, I can rap this entire song. I learned it from my Filipino suitemate in college.
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two


17 Comments for this post

Maureen says

I can rap that one, too!! Maybe we can do white-girl rap karaoke the next time we find ourselves in the same place at the same time.

Congrats on another year of the most entertaining and informative blog I know of.

And, nice picture. I big red puffy hart the Cookie Monster.

Arjewtino says

This post gave me an idea for a band name: You’re the Only Jew I Know.

That might not sound like such a great idea in a couple of hours.

Judy says

Love the sleek tweaks.

kb says

I actually found out I know another Jew, but she’s an adjunct professor of mine AND production manager for a local Shakespeare theatre, so it’s much harder to sit down and ask her questions unrelated to class. She’s very talkative but much too busy.

Unlike you. ;-)

sarpon says

Other band names:

“Only Jew”

“Jew Alone”

“Jew and Only Jew”

The fact that they sound like solo acts or duets but are bands would be ironic, and irony is very Jewish.

jF says

hello,and bravo and thank you.
I am very pleased to be such a good reader.
And no I know another jew, and even more maybe, i don’t know.
BTW, your link to cullotte folle is not working, since she stopped her blog.

Tami says

You know, I actually remember your first blogversary. I didn’t know I liked you so much at the time. Who knew that we’d end up such great invisible friends.

Girlnextdoortn says

As a new(?) reform Jew- (born into it, but not raised in it, so completely clueless until about 3 or 4 months ago when I started doing some personal searching), thank you for Jew & A. I just re-read the whole thing, and I have to agree with you on your take of Sabbath- for a month or two I wouldn’t leave my home until sundown, talk on the phone, anything but read a book and nap. It was complete bliss and I didn’t realize how much I could benefit from starting to observe Sabbath again until reading the last J&A.

Thanks for reminding me.

Soxy says

Yay! Happy Blogaversay! I love the song choice as well!

kay says

I love you.

Becca says

Thanks, everyone!

Maureen, of course we will, because we’ll be drunk.

Arj, I have been thinking of that for several hours now, and it still sounds awesome to me!

Thanks, Judy!

kb, this is true. I am usually sitting by my computer most of the day, waiting for that ding that means someone has e-mailed me. Of course I’m lying; that’s why I carry a Blackberry.

Sarp, you forget that excellent blog name, “Jew eat yet?”

JF, you are a good reader! And as you can see, not my only one in France. Paris has a huge Jewish population, however I know it’s not a French thing to do to say, “hey everyone, this is my religion!” So you’re right, you probably know more than you even think you do.

As for Culotte, yes, it’s true, the link goes nowhere since she deleted her blog. I just like to advertise the guest posts. I should find it and just post it myself.

Aw, Tami, you are sweet. I didn’t know then either! And you are the only Mormon I know. Not that that’s why I read your blog but if I ever have a question, that’s where I’m going.

Girl, I would say you have always been Jewish but are now a practicing one. That’s the cool thing. We’re like Hotel California: you can check out but you can never leave. And I really do love that aspect of Shabbat, it’s so very peaceful. That’s hard to get until you try.

Thanks, Soxy! Meet me and Maureen at the karaoke bar.

Right back atcha, Kay!

Hey, speaking of blogs, Kay’s has a whole new focus: clean eating! This does not only involve napkins, apparently. Check it out.

wicked-witch-west says

Indeed Becca, you do have a lovely blog and it’s been a good year. Cheers to you!

My fiancé recently discovered that he has a Jewish ancestor, so what can I say, I’m almost kinda marrying in.

KP says

I already wrote you and the Jball a love note for your anniversary, but I chreish you both so much I decided to post one again!

I love you Bec. I love the JBall.

Thank you for informing me, making me laugh and laugh, and including me in your little part of the internets.

Here’s to many more years of fun filled shenanigans!

Hugs and kisses, Anonymous

Alex says

Gosh, I wonder who that anomymous poster is.

Hugs and kisses, Pseudonymous.

Becca says

Thanks, Wicked. And welcome to the fold. Beware of people asking, “yes, but is it good for the Jews?”

Aww KP. ~sniffle~

Wait, didn’t you say this on the other post? Reruns!

Thanks, Alex! But actually, with the placement of the comma, I think she is wishing hugs & kisses to Anonymous.

So here’s to you, Anonymous! You rock!

KP says

Hey, I changed this one a bit. Doesn’t every author have license to rework their own material?

Good call on the comma placement Bec.
Anonymous is, after all, my alter ego, and you know how much I love myself.

Becca says

Well deserved, KP.