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Post-Purim updates

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On March 23, 2008
At 12:05 pm
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Hope everyone had a delightful Purim and/or is having a happy Easter!

First off, the bake sale is over but thank you so much! It was hugely successful and we’ll have another one late this year with a different kind of treat (maybe rugelach will make a repeat appearance). Sorry for the lack of posts but I wanted that one to stay on top, plus I was busy baking. And will be for a while!

Second, for those who are interested in the aftermath of the Station Fire, there is a special tonight at 10pm on VH1. There was a tribute concert and excerpts of that will be shown as well.

Lastly, I did not, in fact, win the contest on Randa Clay’s site for my Just.Do.It post (boo! hiss!) but I think it was more meant for tech and practical blogs, rather than personal ones. As well, I was going to write that post anyway if not exactly framed that way, so it’s OK. And I was glad to inspire and get inspired by the various comments.

Oh, and an update on something I mentioned on a Page: Nalby lost at Indian Wells this week. But I don’t mind! He lost to Chokemaster Mardy Fish, my second favorite player who then went on to beat… Roger Federer! He’s in the final today. Godspeed, Chokemaster!


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Paige says

I’m watching The Station show right now. Thank you for making me more aware of the fund, especially as a music fan.

And thank you for the most delicious cookies……they are heavenly! (and almost gone).

Randa Clay says

Thanks for participating in the group writing project Becca. I did really like your post and it was easily among the best of the bunch. In fact, I was inspired to get out there and run myself. That program you’re using sounds like it’s great!

Becca says

Paige, I’m so glad they showed it and the donation line ran at the bottom. I really think it’s a scandal how little help they’ve gotten from my industry. Shame on us and big ups to the musicians who took part.

And I’m happy you liked them – thanks for donating!

Randa, thanks so much for visiting and letting me know that. I really love your blog and have it on my reader. And I’m so excited that you got running! I always thought it was for other people, but Couch to 5k and programs like it can turn almost anyone into a runner. If this couch potato can do it, anyone can. :D

KP says

At least Roger still has those razor commercials to fall back on.

kb says

I got mine today! Love your last name on the envelope, lol. Thank You!!!

Deas says

The Gods were not smiling on Mardy for playing on a Saturday?

We’re going next year!

Becca says

Thanks, kb! Luckily the mailbox doesn’t check ID.

Deas, he’s not Jewish! But I think, in any event, it was No-Djok who wasn’t smiling on him.