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And now, a political message

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On March 11, 2008
At 11:00 am
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Dear Eliot Spitzer,

The Music Industry

Not on Napster: Liz Torres – (What Goes Around, Comes Around) Payback Is A Bitch


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Average Jane says

Dear Magic Jewball,
So. Funny.


Alex says

So, Becca, I know the music industry has an axe to grind with your soon-to-be-former governor, but I don’t know why. I find it hard to believe there could be any corruption in the music industry. I mean, I have this friend in the music industry, and she frequently portrays the higher-ups as too inept to be corrupt.

Becca says

Thanks, Jane!

Of course there isn’t, Alex! We shine like the sun. But Evil Spitzer persecuted prosecuted us anyway and we had to pay millions in settlement money.

Here’s a little blurb for you. Schadenfreude! That’s the word I was looking for.

kay says

Or, in the words of the late, great Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: Ho ho.

Alex says

So, then, Eliot Spitzer is the music industry’s Haman?