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She probably wrote the same ad about you

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On January 16, 2008
At 5:30 pm
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I admit it. When I need a pick-me-up, I read Missed Connections on Craigslist. About 25% are real, honest-to-God, “we had a moment there, I wish I had asked for your number.” Another 25% are simply, “hey hot lady! I love you!” At least 25% are, “I’m lonely, wanna sleep with me? Anyone?” And the rest are a mix of misplaced personal ads (“Married guy looking for married woman, no singles please”), chain letters (“if you post this on every CL board, you will have sex tomorrow”), searches (“has anyone seen Anna Montez? She was my roommate and we lost touch”), and the like.

But never in my history of reading MC have I read a preemptive, “it wasn’t a missed connection, you hag.”


10cc – I’m Not In Love


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kb says

I didn’t know they even shelved chicks at Starbucks!

Melanie says

Yowza. What an ass.

kb says

hey, you inspired me to surf my local craigslist and I found one too!

Becca says

Oh, kb, that is cold.

Soxy says

Oh, snap!

Pious B says

I knew there was a reason why we’re friends/cousins; I check Missed Connections all the time. Unfortunately, no one is ever looking for me.

Becca says

Well, I know this person wasn’t. For starters, you’re hot. And second, I’ve never seen you disheveled in my life. Or dishelved, even.

Pious B says

That’s ’cause we’ve never spent Yom Kippur together.

Melanie says

Well, kb, that guy said “no offense,” so that makes it all ok.

Becca says

Pi, my, wouldn’t that be a party? No, I’m serious, I think we could make that into a party.

Mel, boy howdy! It’s kind of like, “with all due respect, you are one fugly chick and I am so not into you.”

KP says

Disheveled and delusional would be a great name for our new band Bec.

No offense.

GirlNextDoorTN says

This is what’s being posted right now in Nashville.

kb says

my gosh those nashville people are weird!

Becca says

I think I lost it at “but you were different somehow and it wasn’t just your bigger breasts.”