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On December 2, 2007
At 4:55 am
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I have a new BlackBerry! And so does my friend, Alfa, who complained that my site doesn’t render correctly on hers. I thought maybe it was the new BlackBerries because mine has always shown this site fine, if a little skewed and nekkid-looking with black text on stark white background, bright blue links, and no pictures. Ugly but serviceable. But Alfa told me that hers looked like my actual site, only impossible to read. So when I got my new one I had a look-see but it still looked OK to me. That’s when I realized that hers must be set to show all the background images of this site which are numerous and designed for a screen much wider than a smartphone’s. When you do that, all the containers break and you can’t read anything.

J-Ball on OperaMiniSince I can’t force everyone to change the settings of their BlackBerries and Treos and Motos or whatever you have to the graphics-less option, I have a new theme (at left, for you deprived Razr people) set up just for mobile browsers. It detects that you’re on a smartphone, circumvents all that container-breaking, strips off my site’s bling, and just shows you the posts and pages, all in a text-based, easy-to-read manner. Phew. Now you know what to do while you’re stuck in that boring-ass meeting.

If you see the black-backgrounded, flowery theme, there should be a link to get the mobile version. Be sure to tell me if your results vary! I only tested this on two browsers and I’m told there are 480 others. Because your brain screen is little, only excerpts appear on the main page in the mobile version. That way, you can just click on the header of the post you want to read. In unrelated news, the first paragraph of each post will now be far more scintillating than the rest of the essay.

blackberry curveAnd this is the new BlackBerry. It plays music and takes pictures and has sharp graphics and is small and cute and more phone-like than before. And it works with WiFi! Plus, it cost half what a mePhone does and has a real keyboard and the fun, fun e-mail program I have grown to know and love. Word to Alfa and everyone: use OperaMini, it rocks and, although it’s hard to tell from the blurry snap above, even stripped-down J-Ball looks like minimalist art in it. And my favicon shows up, which it doesn’t on the regular BlackBerry browser, and you all know how important that is to me. This is because I’m insane.

Bonus music today will be the ringtone I made for my new BlackBerry which, yes finally, will be my only phone. Enjoy the irony!

(click to play)

The Who – Going Mobile


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Alex says

Oh, Becca, this is going to imrove my life tremendously! Even though I am, at this moment sitting in front of my computer, I’m viewing this page and posting this comment from my Treo, just to prove to myself how easily it can now be done. Well, except for the thumb-typing, of course.

Thanks, Becca.

JF says

You guys are real techies. Congratulations Becca, the smartphone recognition thingy has deeply impressed me.

I have a smartphone but the only thing smart in it is the name.

Becca says

Alex, I’m ashamed to say, I still can’t use my thumbs. I think there’s something wrong with me! In case anyone thinks Alex is kidding, by the way, I checked up on him and he did indeed post that comment from a Treo.

JF, it’s not the phone (or me) that’s smart, it’s Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plugin. Try it! I actually installed and tested three because I didn’t love any of them, but in the end, this was the best one.

Also, no offense to Alex, but this might be the first time in his life someone called him a techie. :P

sarpon says

I am also checking in from my Treo. From now on, everyone can just assume I am always typing on an itty bitty Treo thumbboard and this will be our new reason for why sarpon can’t type.

Becca says

I wondered when you’d moved to Dallas, Sarp.

Alex says

Well, I never!

I mean…no offense taken, Becca. I simply figured that when JF said “you guys,” he meant you and Alfa, or you and, well, anyone in the world but me.

Note to self: Sarpon ALWAYS typing with thumbs on dinky QWERTY keyboard.

Note to rest of world: Alex, too. Yeah, that’s why he said above that this would “imrove” his life….

Alfagee says

I will love you forever for this.

Becca says

Oh right, Alex, he probably did mean that. BTW, you have no idea how often I edit my own comments when I discover typos later.

Right back atcha, Alfa! Reading my site on Lil’ Screen Jr. takes real dedication. And serious boredom.

Alfa says

How else will I earn my Reader of the Month wings?

Alex says

Alfa, I think you have to convince Becca that the world would not be better off if she’d never been born. Then you get your wings, and a bell rings.

Becca says

(No one tell Alfa that I no longer do that… but maybe I will resurrect it just for her).

Of course it would be better off. Someone else would have my fine apartment. Think like a New Yorker, Alex.

Alex says

But, Becca, then we’d all have to read Magic Potter-Ball, or some such thing.

Alex says

Whoa, Becca! I can even keep stalker-like tabs on David Nalbandian from my smartphone now. You really thought of everything in this mobile edition, didn’t you?

I wish Nalby would do something even vaguely interesting RIGHT NOW, though, ’cause I’m getting powerful bored waiting for my daughter in the parking lot.

Becca says

He probably is but due to stalking laws, I couldn’t do the Nalby Webcam as I had planned.

Alex says

This is why people hate big government.