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A day in the life

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On August 21, 2007
At 1:15 pm
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And now a post about nothing but you’d best enjoy it because next week’s posts are going to be pretty much all tennis all the time.

Today when I arrived at work there was a marching band in my lobby. I kid you not, a high school marching band, with drums and horns and all that marching band stuff. I had this conversation with the security guard.

Me: What’s all this for?
Him: It’s for [name of artist redacted]
Me: Are they going to play right now?
Him: Well not in the lobby.

Of course not. Because there are so many other fine places in our office building for an orchestra sized group to play. It turns out, actually, they were supposed to play outside but it’s pouring rain. Why, you ask? Because Tuesday is new release day and we like to announce our releases with marching bands. Yes.

Anyway, upon closer inspection I could see that the kids in the band did have the name of the artist on their shirts. I didn’t spot this at first because I’m wearing my glasses today and this is because I have some sort of eye thing going on. That caused me to have to run out to Westchester and see my optometrist in the middle of the day yesterday. Did you ever notice that? How things that you’ve lived with for days and imagined would just go away seem like emergencies to health care professionals? Crazy! But I grew up in Westchester and due to the fact that I don’t trust any doctor who hasn’t been sticking me with needles since I was a wee lass, these things tend to take half my day.

Once I was done there I took The Loop bus (which means the place in WordPress that controls how my posts show up to me but something entirely different to the Bee Line Bus people) to the train station. It was like a party on there! Everyone seemed to know each other and they were whooping it up. Despite the fun Happy Hour atmosphere, I had other thoughts. There’s a Target on the way to the train station! It’s 5pm and I have nowhere to go! I’m sure Target is just another Starbucks to you suburban peeps but it’s like Disneyland to me. So I stopped there and bought new running shorts plus eight kinds of 100 Calorie Snacks. In case you haven’t been following my friendly debate with HungryGrrl over on Consumerist, take that! Of course, by then I was starving so I had a 900 calorie Cinnabon for dinner. There was no time to return to Target for new, larger-sized running shorts.

Afterwards, I wandered around the mall where I worked for years. Every store has changed except maybe Radio Shack. Certainly all the record stores are gone. Yes, malls now exist with no record stores, forget ones where Becca wiled away her teenage years in training to work in the music business. Or maybe I just couldn’t find it with my sad-ass glasses.

Back on the train I tried to follow the comments on my own blog via Blackberry but failed. You people are just confusing without context. When I got home there was still plenty of time to kill before the Yankee game (people on the “West Coast” are in another “time zone”) so I watched an episode of Big Love which someone from had kindly sent me. What is Poopli? I’d link you but it just takes you to the login screen. Back in 2000 when everyone was buying a TiVo, some of us were buying ReplayTVs and they can send shows over the Interweb. Yes, all I did was click on the name of the show on the Poopli site and a few hours later I got my confirmation and my TV showed a little message saying someone was trying to send me a show (last week’s Yankee game tickets were an unexpected surprise so my DVR recorded that week’s Big Love right over the previous week’s and now it’s gone forever). But I’m still two weeks behind. No spoilers!

Then the game began, things started going badly, and in my concern I promptly fell asleep. Which is good not only because of how the game ended but because I’ve just received an e-mail that the entire marching band will be playing in our receptionist area in a half hour and I think I’m going to need all my strength to deal with it.

The Beatles – A Day in the Life, not available on Napster.


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Suby says

If Seinfeld could build and entire television series around nothing, surely you are entitled to one post. A nicely done one at that.

I will be wearing my black arm band next week since when I make my daily check-ins here, I’ll be saying “D’oh! Tennis AGAIN!”

Celia says

I think I know that mall. I remember it as the site of one of my first dope slaps into reality about my size. The fancy new mall had just opened the summer I graduated from high school, and I was there shopping with a friend, Janice, and suggested we go check out a chubby girls’ store, for size 14 and up (I think it might have been something like Caren Charles), and Janice looked indignantly at me and informed me that she wore a size 12.

This was back when a 12 was roughly what is now an 8. I probably needed a 16. But obviously, although I knew what size I wore, I had no idea what I LOOKED like, because I assumed Janice was about my size.

This continues to be an issue for me. It’s probably adaptive, in that it keeps me from realizing that I am not fit to be seen in public.

And that concludes “Memories of the White Plains Galeria Mall,” by Celia.

Becca says

Thanks, Suby. And that’s the spirit!

Celia wins “guess the mall Becca was talking about.” And that’s one of the reasons all the good stores are gone, I think. There are several nicer malls now and WP has become quite the Shopping Destination. But it’s only fair, the Galleria did it to the White Plains Mall many moons ago. And I think that was Caren Charles. Excellent memory! Except for the whole, “I discovered I was fatter than my friend” part. That’s a bummer.

Celia says

I think our regional BBYO office was in the WP mall while it was dying, like the old Scotch Boutique sketch on Saturday Night Live.

I spent a lot of time there.

Becca says

I used to buy vinyl singles at the record store there for .99 cents!

In other update news:

1. The marching band BLEW MY EARS OUT.

2. It turns out that White Plains, city of malls, is twinned with Mevaseret Zion, Israel, home of… a giant mall. I even had my 29th birthday party at the Kosher McDonald’s there.

Thanks to Alex for the Wikipedia link.