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If I could talk to the animals

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On August 10, 2007
At 2:00 am
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I think Friday is now officially the day for pictures & video, i.e., I don’t have to write much. Not only do I never have anything to say but somehow there’s always something extraneous that I want to show you. This weekend I’m off to New Jersey to visit my cousins (if you’re thinking I have a lot of cousins, well, all I can say is, I don’t so much belong to a family as a clan… can I get a witness, Pious B?) and so instead of packing as I should be, I’m editing video. Naturellement. I use that term because, once again, we have (insert ponderous voice) Scenes from the French News.

I had to rewind this first bit twice. I think I wasn’t totally aware that a man could care this much about a sheep.

Bang! Actually, the bear that he’s so deeply stressed about was killed by a car, thus saving this man years of therapy.

And then we have this guy. Now, I’m sure I’m going to hell for making fun of this story but somehow, something about this clip just cracks my shit up. No, sorry, sorry, this man’s love for his cows is, um, special. Very special.

The background is that foot-and-mouth disease in the UK (it sounds better in French, fièvre aphteuse) has caused this man’s herd, which he was apparently very, uh, close to, to have to be destroyed. Including Ned, the lovely old bull.

But this all reminds me of a story of when my Mom came down with some sort of human variation of foot-and-mouth and my Dad said, “oh no, they’re going to have to kill the whole herd!”

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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Ima Wurdibitsch says

I’m going to have to watch the videos later but I just wanted to ask…

How much time did your mom do in prison after that comment from your dad?

Pious B says


sarpon says

le père becca has quite a sense of humor, for someone who believes in the existence of vanilla egg creams.

How is it that I’m tied for second on top commenters without being on the list of recent commenters at all? Let’s hear some chatter out there, people!

Alex says

Hmm…”lovely old bull.”

I could do worse for an epitaph.

Becca says

Ima, my Mom thought it was hysterical. And it was, really.

Thanks, Pi!

Everyone, listen to Sarpon!

Alex, I just came from a meeting where I experienced some lovely old bull.