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The eternal question

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On July 31, 2007
At 1:15 pm
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Yes, there are more difficult problems to have. I just want you to know that I get that before I start with this thing that is currently making me want to chop my own head off. It’s vacation planning, that hellish thing you do on the way to something which will hopefully take you away to someplace heavenly. But you see, I have restrictions. My vacation has to be:

1. Last week of September/first week of October
2. On Delta (I have a credit)
3. Somewhere I’ve never been.
4. Someplace from where I can easily (and cheaply) get to Israel for the weekend so that I can end my trip by spending the holiday there.

It was going to be Budapest but then I remembered that printing out the itinerary wasn’t the same thing as actually buying a ticket and by the time that occurred to me the price had gone up by about a thousand dollars.

This is harder than it looks, and it looks pretty hard. The head-chopping thing is looking comparatively easy, isn’t it? Now if only I could fill in that top right blank on Delta’s route map.

delta map

I’ll keep you posted, since this will effect where in the world you’ll be getting shaky pictures from. Hopefully it won’t be from inside a mental hospital. Not that that wouldn’t be better than my last vacation, but still.

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