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Nalbandian’s upset? How do you think I feel?

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On July 18, 2007
At 11:40 pm
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Maybe it was a will to remain ignorant that kept me from updating Where in the World is David Nalbandian?. Because I know what the answer is: who cares, because wherever it is, he’ll be out really quickly. And lo and behold, when I skimmed down the list of sports stories in the online edition of today’s Times and caught Nalby’s name, I knew it couldn’t be good.

These two sentences encompass all of the NY Times’ tennis reporting for the day.

Igor Kunitsyn? Even I don’t know who the hell that is. Things are looking pretty grim. Nalbandian will never catch the Red Sox now.

The Wrens – Hopeless


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KP says

But does he pronounce it “ee gor” or “eye gor”?

Either way, I am pretty sure he is doing better than Manny Ramirez right now anyway.

sarpon says

I’ll bet he stayed up late watching baseball. I can’t accomplish anything when I do that.

Becca says

KP, I’d ask him if I knew who he was.

Sarpon, you know, that always happens to me too. Even when there isn’t any baseball.

Alex says

“Nalby lost. Why does this kind of thing always happen to me?”

Mom…is that you? How did you get inside Becca’s blog?