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A fish story

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On July 16, 2007
At 10:15 am
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Laurent DelahousseAs I told Kay in a comment on her blog, I watch the news from France2 each night because, as you will recall, I’m too lazy to do my French lessons. It’s both a blessing and a curse that it’s not actually translated word-for-word but rather summarized for you in a terse subtitle. Even I with my sad-ass French can hear things spoken that aren’t being written. But sometimes that helps me figure things out for myself and enables me to use my swear-word-rich vocabulary to hurl epithets at the translators. But I digress. Here was a fun piece the other day about a breed of carp which have overpopulated the Mississippi. It’s sad, really, because the fishermen don’t know what to do with all them carp. But have no fear! There is a market. Here’s our reporter with the story, as my favorite anchor, twinkly-eyed weekend guy Laurent Delahousse (above), would say. Except more French.

Golly, then who will buy all these fish?

Oh right, the Chinese. They’re weird. Anyone else?

Oh yes, the vast Jewish gefilte fish market! Why, we eat that at every meal! “Thank God the Jews have such an insatiable palate for gefilte fish,” said the fishermen. “We’re saved!” But we know that Americans don’t like carp. So I guess Jews aren’t American. Or maybe they mean French Jews. I’m sure they’re just jonesing for new sources of carp.

OK, I admit it, this is the real reason I watch this show. You just don’t get enthusiastic on-location segments like this in America outside of hurricane season.

Here’s a little something for Kay and everyone else frustrated with Versus pronunciation: Audio Sound File.

Kraftwerk – Tour De France


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KP says

“It’s all out warfare between man and fish!”

First real laugh of the day…thanks!

Lydia says

I agree with KP! That last shot had me laughing.

RN says

KP keeps beating me to the punch today.

Mannies for everyone!

Celia says

I would be pleased to see all that carp made into gefilte fish. My grandmother’s recipe involved carp and possibly pike. I’ve tried other types but they are decidedly inferior.

So I hope they aren’t shipping all the carp to Ashkenaziland or something for the Jews to eat it. I live right here in the US.

Becca says

I really should have included the video of that last part of the segment. It was even more hysterical in all its agitated glory.

Well, they call Ashkenaz “Germania” now but I still don’t think the demand is that great. But of course I knew it involved carp because I red “The Carp in the Bathtub” as a child.

KP says

I plan to hire a manny that doesn’t smell like fish or look like Santa Claus or wear a magenta life jacket.
He can, however, have the over exaggerated hand movments.


kay says

Uh, I think that’s supposed to be Tour Day Frants, but whatever.

Becca says

Take a look at the title of the sound file! It’ll be in your browser URL bar when you click on the file.

kay says

Oh, that’s awesome. You’re the best.