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Today in widget news

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On July 6, 2007
At 5:45 pm
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It’s another Friday where I got nothing. So instead I’ll share yet another Widget That Will Not Be Appearing On My Google Homepage.

AKA, another reason to vomit every time you refresh your page. And not to be nitpicky, but isn’t that Machiavelli’s thought, really?


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kb says

Is this quote supposed to explain gay men?

kay says

It took me a minute to see your additional comment at the bottom, but you captured my reaction.

sarpon says

You know who else found inspiration in Machiavelli, right?


RN says

KB already asked my question.

RN says

And I’m still trying to figure out this widget shit.

Becca says

Why yes, Machiavelli was gay. You heard it here first.

Sarpon, I’m hoping Oprah resigns too. Oh, I kid, Oprah lovers.

RN, they are little doodads that bring you info of some sort. Here is my Google homepage, although you can only see some of my widgets, as it’s only a section of the page:

And here is my Mac widget desktop:

Although I’ve been meaning to add more. Not the Oprah one, though. I also declined “Dog of the Day.”

PS, yikes it’s going to be hot today. All my widgets agree.

KP says

And to be even nitpickier, one of Oprah’s assistants probably found that quote for her.

Do they have a Chocolate of the Day widget?
I’d be down with that.

Alex says

“Magic Jewball: All Widgets Point to No.”

Ima Wurdibitsch says

I am not a fan of Oprah and never have been a regular viewer of her show. However, many years ago when I was a very different Ima, I was in a very bad marriage. I was only staying because I thought it was what was best for my kids. The details aren’t necessary but stating again that it was a very.bad.marriage kind of clarifies it a little bit. Oprah changed my life. Oh boy, that sounds so very gomerish but it’s true. I was flipping channels one afternoon and I stopped on her show just as she said, “It’s better to come from a broken home than to live in one.”


I realized that I didn’t want my kids growing up thinking that what they were witnessing is how it should be. I don’t care what you tell kids, they believe that what they live is what is normal. I didn’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that she should let a man treat her that way. I didn’t want my son to grow up thinking that he should treat women that way.

Thank you, Oprah. You can stop now.

Becca says

OK, I respect her a teeny bit more now. But just on account of you, Ima.

Celia says

This was a more compelling story during the time I was actually thin and in shape, but I have to credit Oprah’s book “Making the Connection” with transforming me from a fat, sedentary slug to a 4 mile/day runner.

I have only myself to blame for the transformation back again.