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I’m sorry, Oprah will not be shown today

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On June 27, 2007
At 4:55 pm
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So there’s a blackout and many of the trains are out (clearly there’s electricity where I am or I wouldn’t be posting this). It’s the summer, it’s Con Ed, I get it. But this? This is an outrage!

mta info

MTA, I know this will shock you but when something goes wrong, as it inevitably will in this city, a lot of people will want to have a gander at your website. It might be a good idea to be able to handle the traffic.

Title comes from ABC/Channel 7 news… actually, what they said was, “we’re sorry, for those of you counting on Oprah, we won’t be showing it today.” I understand. I’m sorry for those counting on Oprah too.

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer In The City


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sarpon says

You must be terribly brave if you’d even think of getting on the subway knowing their server is down.

KP says

Kill me if I ever have to count on Oprah for anything.

Becca says

Sarpon, you’re closer to the truth than you think, as later in the news, after the electricity came back, they said the subway system had to be “rebooted.” I seriously thought it was run with gears and an abacus.

I count on Oprah to remind me that I’m happy I don’t rely on Oprah.

Alex says

I happen to have been in the grocery store this weekend, and I saw on the cover of the Globe that Oprah’s doctors have given her only six years to live. Mark my words: when she shuffles off this mortal coil, you all are going to regret having snarked about her.

Becca says

I regret nothing!