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No thanks, I have enough questions already

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On June 22, 2007
At 5:00 pm
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I was looking for a widget for my Google homepage to show my spreadsheets (I am all about spreadsheets) when I came across this:

things to ponder

Gee, it was nice of them to start you off right away with something to ponder.

Have a good weekend, all!

Thanks, Seth!


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Julia says

And oddly enough, it seems to have worked…as I ponder the lack of things to ponder in the widget.

Becca says

Yes, exactly! Or you could be pondering what exactly the widget looks like. So perhaps there are two things.

KP says

I actually pondered pondering after seeing this.

Something to ponder I guess.

Seth says

Hey, I see you’re looking for This is Ponderous” by 2Nu. You’re in luck, I just posted a mix disc on my audio blog with a copy of that track, take a look if you like!

Slight Left of Centre

Becca say:
Done, thanks!