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On June 7, 2007
At 3:00 pm
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Just a bit more tennis, if you can stand it. Congratulations to Israel’s own Andy Ram who won the French Open Mixed Doubles Championship with someone not Israeli. Oh, I kid, it’s lovely Natalie Dechy of France. My, they look happy. I think the prize for this is 100€. To share.

When asked to comment, Ram said, “Could I look any more Israeli and could she look any more French?”

Andy Ram - Natalie Dechy

(Hat tip to Brother2 on the photo.)

They don’t have “We Are the Champions” on Napster. Just hum it in your head.


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sarpon says

Yes and yes. He could have a head full of charcoal black ringlets, and she could have a chic blonde chignon.

JF says

glad we won something….

Becca says

Sarpon, uh, I can’t imagine who you are referring to with the first and as for the second, I think you’ve seen too many New Wave movies.

JF, indeed. Not the best of years. But it still beats the Brits at Wimbledon.

KP says

They are super cute! I wish I was that cute…and in France.