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Look, I’m watching the Nalbandian match!

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On May 30, 2007
At 10:50 am
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What, you didn’t think they were showing it on TV, did you? Hell, maybe they are but I don’t get the Tennis Channel at work. But let’s face it, they’re probably not. This method is just so fulfilling, though, isn’t it? And as you can see, Nalby just won a point on his own serve! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles.

Live blogging updates:

Rain delay! Merde.

Ack! They started again and I didn’t notice! Just in time to catch Nalby winning a game, however. Here’s the exact second, captured for posterity.

Match Point.

2:04 pm
Wow, great match. What thrills! Those numbers changing back and forth really held my interest. Thanks!


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Alex says

Am I supposed to be watching anybody else besides David Nalbandian?

Like, should I be keeping tabs on that Andy Roddick guy? ;-)

Becca says

Sure. Right now he’s on a plane home after losing in the first round. You can probably follow along on Flight Tracker.

In other news, Nalby won the first set, 7-5. Stay tuned.

KP says

So I guess we know where David is then.

So where is Roger Federererer? With David?

Becca says

Of course we do! We’ve all read Where in the World is David Nalbandian, haven’t we?

KP says

If I get my own blog when I grow up, I may have to give Roger his own section. I feel he is being shunned a bit. Poorerer guy.