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iPod song of the week – Killing Joke

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On May 13, 2007
At 1:32 am
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I had my own mini-Digg effect this week when Brooklyn Vegan linked to my post about the Air show. By 11am I had as many visitors as I usually have in a whole day. Rockin’! We’ll see if any of them come back. In any case, I wanted to show my thanks to the BV site by telling my own vegan story which ties in with the iPod Song of the Week.

When I was a youngster at my first music industry job I had the thrill of eating lunch with members of a band I had idolized in my youth*, Killing Joke. We had a meal catered and brought up to the conference room and I sat with my salad or vegetarian dish or whatever and the guys from KJ also ate from a limited selection as they were vegan. One of them asked me if I was as well. No, I explained, I’m Kosher. Pardon? Well, I eat meat but it has to be killed in a Kosher way which means the animal feels no pain. They looked at me as if I had three heads. One of them laughed derisively at me. I was crushed.

But you know, I still love their music, despite the fact that my childhood idols snortled at my “kill ‘em but do it painlessly” way of operating. This song was my absolute favorite, and the streaming link is the 12″ version that I bought at my local record shop as a kid (B+B Music, they would just see me come in and start jacking up the price of their Depeche Mode imports). It’s typical Killing Joke, dark, ominous, gothic, and heavy yet danceable. When I was bored in class I used to transcribe the words to this song in my notebook. (“Red tears are shed on gray,” come on, the meaning is obvious!) That was before they laughed at me, naturally.

*Youth, get it? Ahahahahaha. Right.

Killing Joke – Love Like Blood


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Sarpon says

Oh, as if vegetables don’t scream as they are torn by their very roots from the Earth Mother.

Typical smug Vegans.

KP says

Cool song. I’ve never heard of them before.

I miss the 12″, record that is.

Last one I bought…White Lines by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

Becca says

You see. Sarpon, that’s why I don’t eat vegetables. Also because I find they don’t taste good.

KP, I also had that 12″! I’ll bet I still do, somewhere.

Ima Wurdibitsch says

Is a quote still a quote if you can’t remember who said it? I read the following a few years back and it stuck with me: “I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.”

I still have my collection of 45s and LPs. I just don’t have anything that will play them.

Alex says

“Love vegetables. Don’t eat them.”

That’s my motto. But I’m having trouble finding it on a bumper sticker.

carol anne says

Ah, I had forgotten all about Killing Joke. Thanks for the reminder.

~running off to the Ipod store~

Becca says

If one goes by how many plants I’ve killed in my lifetime, well, clearly I hate them.

KP says

I know where mine is Bec! Should I bring it to NYC with me?

Dance par-tay!

kir says

by far, the best killing joke song (that and 95% of the Millennium album, in my opinion)