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Finally, an idea I can get behind

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On April 30, 2007
At 12:30 am
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I tried to think of some context to frame this video and came up with a few possibilities. Maybe a follow-up to my “Brits eat less than us” post or tied together with a post about Sarpon taking me to a “fresh from the Old Vic” Broadway production of “Moon For the Misbegotten” (with Kevin Spacey! Right in front of us!). And then I decided that even if it comes from nowhere, it’s just fun and funny on its own. I realize I’m just shilling for Virgin Atlantic here (another possible tie-in, this time with the previous post) but who cares? Being that I love England, Tea & Sympathy, and really funny things, it seemed like a fine way to start out the week.

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KP says

Bwahaha! I liked the dog in the hat and the “we’ve even taken Madonna off your hands” comment.

Sarpon says

I’m sure you could have connected this to Kevin Spacey if you’d really tried.

Becca says

I loved the “We speak the same language. Nearly” part.

I did really try! I did. But if it’s any comfort, I’m sure the six people who found this site by doing a blogsearch for Kevin Spacey today are just as disappointed as you are.

Celia says

I have nothing to say but cannot allow my name to roll off the “top commenters” list.

Becca says

I support you in your efforts, Celia.

kb says

I signed! I signed! I heart Big Britain; I’ll support a Little Britain too.

Becca says

I was so entertained by the video that I forgot to sign! Thanks for reminding me.