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Delta Airlines, so much to answer for

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On April 20, 2007
At 4:25 pm
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Yes, I know this will only be of interest to fans of The Smiths, but in today’s coincidences, the second I stepped onto the subway this morning my iPod switched to one of my Top 5 Smiths songs, “What Difference Does It Make?” The ad I found myself in front of is below (click to enlarge):

Believe me, if I cheat on NY it won’t be with Manchester. But I did enjoy the irony.

Title comes from:
The Smiths – Suffer Little Children


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Sarpon says

Continental Airlines also has some ‘splainin to do. I won’t be arriving at my original ETA, but on the bright side, more time to dance naked in the living room unobserved.

Becca says

Uh oh.

I mean, yay, more time to clean!

KP says


Irony makes the world go ’round.

StretchOutAndWait says

Hmm, I wouldn’t be cheating on NY with Manchester, either, but sounds like a delicious moment with the iPod. :)

Becca says

Finally, a Smiths fan to appreciate my moment!