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Like the weather

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On April 16, 2007
At 3:15 pm
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Could there be anything more self-referential than a soaking wet newspaper with a giant front page story about the hugh jass storms? I’d say this guy should get his money back but it’s my understanding that no one actually pays for The Sun.

I did my best to avoid all this by staying indoors all day yesterday, even foregoing a half-block trip to the bodega for milk. But yet, it seems to be dragging on and on. Of course, it could be worse. The weather guy on NY1 this morning stated that, had it been snow, we would have received six feet. Yowzah.

Or, I could just reflect on the fact that yesterday was Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and there’s just been a school shooting with 31 dead so far (which I found out about, bizarrely, in my Le Monde RSS feed) and feel bad that I felt bad about some rain and wind and flooding. But at least now I know what’ll be on the front page of tomorrow’s soaking wet newspaper: “Crazy People + Guns: Still A Bad Combo.”

And, by the way, the first thing I heard when I did turn on the news was about violent video games, which I’m sure were the direct cause of this. After the break: presidential candidates react to the shooting. Gosh, I wonder what they’ll say!

Living in Waterworld is just looking better and better.

10,000 Maniacs – Like The Weather

Edited to add: Good luck to all the J-Ball readers running the Boston Marathon in this hellacious weather, especially Top Commenter, Soxy!


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average jane says

My biggest fear when something big and horrible happens is that the news media will skip over the obvious “Crazy People + Guns: Still A Bad Combo” and right for overanalyzing… umm… misanalyzing the entire situation. I fear what they will have to say about the shooter: nationality, upbringing, socioeconomic status, video game playing habits, musical preference… Blame the school for not reacting fast enough, blame the police for not stopping the shooter, blame the students for not subduing him….

How about blaming the shooter for killing 32 + people senselessly. How about shutting up and letting the family and friends of the victims grieve.

Today is a day of death and rememberance. Not a day of blame.

KP says

I felt bad about feeling bad about my flooded basement after seeing the news regarding the school shootings today so I hear you Bec.

Hugh Jass? Wasn’t he in the x rated version of XMen??

P.S. Go Soxy!

Midwesterner in NYC says

I like it when they asked Bush about the shootings and he is quoted as “Shocked”. To be fair, what is he supposed to say… It would be quite the news story if he was quoted as saying while he scratches his chin “hmmm…expected”.

Becca says

Jane, no one can shut up when there is a news cycle to fill up! And before they throw the blame around they must speculate endlessly. This is why I stopped watching CNN, MSNBC, et al. Except when Anna Nicole’s body was being fought over. I needed them then.

It seems Soxy finished the marathon! Rock on, Soxy, I owe you a bag of popcorn.

But was he shocked AND saddened, Mid? That’s the lethal combo.

And thanks to Alex who told me via IM that Yom Hashoah was actually yesterday. I fixed that sentence. Sadly, my pretty new calendar doesn’t show events just yet.

Celia says

It was? Oops. I do not think we did the thing with the yellow yahrtzeit candle that the men’s club sent us.

Becca says

Celia, speak to that Alex guy.

Also, I just heard a, uh, commentator on MSNBC say, “I’m going to stretch this, because I don’t know this to be the truth but….” I really should have turned the TV off two hours ago.

Alex says

Soxy, wow!

Becca, now I look like some kind of know-it-all. And not necessarily the good kind, like Mr. Know-It-All.

I wish I were Mr. Know-It-All. Then I could have a Way-Back Machine. I always thought he could’ve put that thing to better use.

Becca says

No you don’t! You look like you knew one item in particular. But if you had a wayback machine I’d use it to redo this post. And maybe a few other things.

RN says

Yeah Soxy!

When you two figure out who has the wayback machine will you share his blog?

NoShowMo says

As I am watching coverage from here in Richmond, with friends at Tech (all safe and accounted for), I am stunned by how accurately Average Jane’s predictions from 3 1/2 hours ago have already come true.

Lydia says

I felt like a hugh jass when I found out about the shooting in mid-whine about my wisdom teeth. I just had to turn off the television that I wasn’t watching because a special Dateline came on and there’s already a title for this tragedy. You could tell Ann whats-her-face hated saying “Massacre at Virginia Tech.” Is it just me or is this title a little simpler, a little less dependent on the colon and sub-title? Also, Avg Jane hit the nail head on. We could have read her comment and skipped the mind-numbing hours of news coverage.

NoShow, I’m glad your friends are all safe and accounted for. We had an alumnus at work and someone with a family member who is currently enrolled (safe and accounted for, as well).

In better news, Soxy is the hero of the world. She rocks hardcore.

KP says

Does anyone remember the “Buckwheat has been shot” which becomes “Buckwheat is dead” breaking news parody from SNL a hundred years ago? When my son saw it, he didn’t get it. Now that he has seen all of this coverage of the happeneings at Virginia Tech, he gets it.
I had to stop watching when CNN started changing their info every 2.5 seconds. I felt so bad for anyone who really needed that info and couldn’t get a straight answer. It made my stomach hurt.

Also from watching the local news coverage of the storm yesterday, ny son now understands why they make fun of it on Family Guy so much. Unbelievable.

Becca says

Guess what? Last night the guy was Chinese and this morning he’s South Korean! Good thing we speculated.

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