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iPod song of the week – Muse

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On March 25, 2007
At 7:05 pm
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I actually have nothing to say about this song in itself except that it’s catchy and sticks to my brain like bubblegum to my shoe. I’m putting it up here to represent the larger point of this post category, however. See, a friend sent me this song because we both liked it, he found it, and thought maybe I’d like to have it too. And I do like to have it and I listen to it all the time. That’s why I’m now going to buy the whole CD. Everybody wins! Me, you, Muse, ethics, etc.

In all the RIAA=Satan conversation that I see everywhere what often gets lost is that stealing is wrong. I’m not a big preacher or anything but I say again, if you like any of the songs you hear on JBall, be sure to find a fun & legal way to acquire them. Start with this one! In about four minutes it will be affixed to your very soul.

Muse – Starlight


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