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More proof that Google knows all

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On March 6, 2007
At 5:50 pm
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Wow, look at the referral I got today!



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RN says

I knew you was wicked smaht.

Midwesterner in NYC says

Yeah, I wish I would have saved a lot of the ones I see. People type in some crazy stuff and when it hits to me it is disturbing….

Becca says

Oh, RN, if I had been smart I never would have gone to that school. My soul was destroyed. Destroyed!

Mid, you need to get your own domain and then you can keep them forever!

Miriam says

I’m going to go ahead and come out now and say that I have been blog-stalking you for weeks. I saw you on crumpleddiary’s prestigious blogroll and have been hooked ever since. You are a blog sensation. Thanks!

Becca says

No, thank you, Miriam!

Attention lurkers: please follow Miriam to the de-lurking section of JBall. Don’t make me name cities, people.