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XOXO, your friend, Joe

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On January 31, 2007
At 10:00 am
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I may post a real post later but this made me laugh and laugh. From today’s NY Times on the muted debut of Windows Vista:

“If there were a line, I would have been on there,” said Joe Torres Jr., 54, a security guard who bought a Vista operating system for himself yesterday morning at a Best Buy store in Midtown Manhattan, along with a Hewlett-Packard laptop fitted with Vista as a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend.

Can you imagine the scene at that guy’s place? “You called me your friend in the New York Times?”

Because, folks, I don’t know anyone who buys their friends laptops as gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. Good call, Joe, good call.


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Alex says

“Here you go, Earl. It’s an HP laptop, with that new Microsoft Vista operating system. Happy Valentine’s Day.

“And wait’ll you see what I bought my wife for her Valentine’s present–an island in the tropics! Think she’ll like it?”

Those security guards really rake in the dough, you know.

Becca says

There’s a lot to guard down there.

Hm, that came out kinkier than I meant.

Alex says

But intriguing.