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Emergency post

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On November 30, 2006
At 1:00 pm
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Do you live in New York? Do you love me? Do you love money? Most importantly, do you have one extra Deftones ticket?

For personal reasons which cannot be explained, I am in desperate need of going to the show next week, 12/5 at the Nokia Theatre. No, none of my connections have come through. I will pay, well, not anything, but something. Something decent.

Yes, I’ve tried Craigslist and eBay. Yes, I will stand outside forlornly on the day of the show (it worked last time!). But in the meantime…!


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RN says

No. Yes. Yes. No.

Dah says

Dude, WTF? I was hoping that the Deftones would be my ticket to luring you out here again. Instead, those sellouts arent doing a CA show, let alone a hometown one. Damn you, Chino!

Becca says

Oh, RN

Dah, it’s good to have friends in Sackatomatoes. Tell Chino I really need a ticket, wouldja?

KP says

I don’t have access to tickets but if you find two I will definitely go with you. I’m good like that.

Becca says

Really? How much would you pay? Would you stand outside with me and flash scalpers for a discount? I mean, you, not me, it’s supposed to be cold that night.

mkb says

i have a ticket. how much are you willing to pay?

Becca says

E-mail me, the address link is in the “About Me” box. But you show as DC so I hope you’re not kidding me.