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Let them eat cake

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On October 3, 2006
At 10:50 pm
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I don’t really have anything to say today, except I’m continuing the birthday countdown. In anticipation, KP (whose birthday was last week) and I chowed down on New York’s finest cupcakes while flies and homeless people surrounded us. Yes, we were at the Cupcake Cafe which is now operating out of Casa Cupcake or something like that. I don’t know. All I know is that it was in a delightful section of Hell’s Kitchen just under an overpass and right next door to a soup kitchen, making those of us eating flowery cupcakes feel just a little over entitled.

But no matter, once we got seated next to the bathroom and the flies entered the picture, we forgot all about the homeless people and their cupcake-free lives. Soon after we were ensconced with our sticks of butter cupcakes, the door to the place, which was being fixed as we entered, malfunctioned and we were all trapped inside. But who could complain? I had KP, cupcakes, and a bathroom. Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Here’s a little something for the ladies and the gentlemen.

Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)


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KP says

Good times, good times.

Jane says

Good grief. You should put a warning on that post. My 4 year-old saw that! It’s indecent!

(Yes, my 4 year-old is a dog. Really, I’m just jealous.)

Becca says

What, your dog doesn’t attract flies?

Soxy says

Did KP eat my birthday cupcake? Its okay if she did.

(sobbing quietly in corner)

KP says

I would never eat your cupcake Soxy. Those two were all about me. Hell, if we were trapped for even longer I would have gotten another. I’ll treat you next time I’m in Boston.

Sarpon says

My lord, get a load of those cupcakes!

And the desserts look awesome, too.

CSIGirl says

Cupcakes? What cupcakes? All I saw in the picture was KP. :P

Just teasing, the cupcakes looked very tasty. I might have to plan a trip to NY, just so Becca can show me all the best places to eat.

Boo says

Wow! Those are some freaking gorgeous cupcakes!

RN says

Nice rack KP.

You all should have taken some pictures of the cupcakes.

So, when I visit NYC I can go to a place that only serves cupcakes?


Becca says

I believe I’ll soon be leading the cupcake tour of NYC.

KP says

I believe my house is the only stop on the cupcake tour of CT. I know you won’t find cupcakes like mine in NYC.

culotte says

What nice firm, um, cupcakes you have there!

kay says

I keep coming back just to look at the cupcakes. ::cough::

Becca says

Come for the cupcakes…stay for the cupcakes.

KP says

My cupcakes bring all the girls to the blog…(hey, I can’t say boys since none of them posted…hmph)

Alex says

You kidding, KP? I’m AFRAID to post a comment to this entry…except, I guess, an explanation that I’m afraid to post to this entry. I can’t say, “Nice rack, KP,” and I can’t not say, “Nice rack, KP.”

And now that I’ve both said and not said it, I’m probably done for!

Molly says

Nice set of…er…cupcakes!

How was the frosting? I’m a HUGE fan of frosting.

Becca says

I got a couple of e-mails from males who referenced it. I can’t mention any names, although one of them just commented.

The frosting was like buttah!

KP says

Thanks for taking one for the team Alex! You’re good people!

The frosting was a buttery swirl of heaven. I still haven’t recovered.

suby says

Were you at Hooters?