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Bizarro photos of New York

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On July 16, 2006
At 9:27 pm
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Every now and then I’ll take a photo because I’m so baffled by a situation that I need your help in making sense of it. I can’t do it on my own, people! So here are three recent ones, all collected together for your amusement. As always, click to enlarge.

This was an …I don’t know….sculpture in front of Lincoln Center. I guess it’s attractive in its own way. But a dazzling array of canoes doesn’t usually strike me as art. But what do I know? Not much, and if you’d been reading this blog for a while you’d surely know that.

As you may have already noticed, I occasionally spot things atop tall buildings. I’m usually looking for Superman, but every now and then I’ll see something strange. I mean, sure, we all walk around with mega-zoom cameras. How else to explain why you’d fly five flags from a crane no one can see with the naked eye?

Here’s something fun. A lady just setting up in the middle of my block (and I live on a quiet side street) in front of a pile of trash with a harp and commencing to play. Later on, she was gone, but I did spot a young woman inspecting that shelving unit. She didn’t take it, I have no idea why. I mean, it looks so fresh and so clean.

Yeah, I just live here, I can’t explain all the crazy people. Anyway, did you want to see some really lovely pictures of nature? The kind they only have on the Left Coast? My friend, Lisa, (not World Cup Lisa – I have a lot of Lisas in my life) is a brilliant photographer and here’s her site. If nothing else, it will keep you from having to actually go to California. Lisa doesn’t know I’m linking to her here, so let’s surprise her and all go over there!

Next post will be another edition of Jew & A but unless your question just can’t wait, don’t bother sending it in. DuJane already sent in five.

Shiny Toy Guns – Photograph

Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean


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Annoyingmouth says

Wow, i didn’t know that Martha Kent knew how to play harp.

Jane says

Ha ha, suckahs! She wouldn’t give me Reader of the Month, so I just quietly took over Jew & A. I always knew that being clueless would pay off someday! Muwahahahaha.

Becca says

Life got really boring after Superman grew up and started saving the world. (Yes, I had to Google who Martha Kent was, sue me).
Come on, being clueless pays off for me every day!

Jan says

YaY, I love Jew & A!

I don’t think I have any questions for this one. Good thing, since Jane is being a hog about it.

Oh, and I kinda like the canoe scultpure. Definitely weird, though.

Ama says

Becca lovey, you crack my ass up!! (Can I say ass here?) Thanks for the publicity!

John Masters says

I love your site, but today I had to comment.

The canoes. Kinda neat but way beyond what I can understand. I would suspect it was supposed to be art, but then again, I went to Louisiana public schools, so I’m not quite sure.

The crane. I can’t see quite enough to see how it operates exactly, but my suspicion is that the flags are indicators for the crane operator to use to help him judge the crane position and wind intensity.

The harpist. That’s just downright cool. Being from Louisiana originally, I’ve never actually seen a harp. And I’m 43. To have someone set up and play in the neighborhood is really spiffy. I would have definitely taken the shelf. They are easy to sanitize, what with all of the amazing cleaning products on the market these days.

Again, I love your blog. Regards — J.A.M.

Culotte says

J-Ball, can you speak to the argument that circumcision is considered “barbaric” in some circles?


Annoyingmouth says

“you crack my ass up” : i think i will retain this one.

Becca says

Jan, save those questions for next month!
Ama, you’re very welcome!
John, thanks for de-lurking. The only harp I think I had seen before this was in a Marx Brothers movie. I’m not sure it’s a Louisiana thing.
Culotte, despite the fact that I went to a bris yesterday, no comment.
AM, it’s all yours!

psycho says

i would like to explore, in more detail, all of the possible combinations, permutations and pertubations of canoes (actually, some may be kayaks), flags and harps. or bookshelves. oh no. is it the harp or is it the bookshelf? on second thought, is it the crane or the flags?

oh fuck.

psycho says

in fact, upon further analysis, some are kayaks.

Becca says

So how did you get the name Psycho anyway?

RN says

I hate it when I hear harp music playing when I least expect it. It makes me wonder if I’m still alive.

The canoes were of interest though. I remember the first time I saw a piece of Christo’s work entitled “typewriter wrapped in cellophane” it was indeed a typewriter wrapped in cellophane.

It’s one of those things that make you go hmmm..,

KP says

1. That is one of those funky hair thingies just in case the Statue of Liberty wants to change her hair to a ponytail. However, it is definitely not a scrunchie.

2. I don’t know, there are at least 5 patrotic guys working on the building?

3. She was also a giveaway and someone looking at both the shelves and her decided that she was the better choice and loaded her and her harp into a van.

Becca says

RN, if you’re on this blog, you’re still alive. because, believe me, it won’t exist in Heaven.

KP, if this were a contest, you’d win. Since it’s me, of course, there wouldn’t be any prizes.

KP says


I don’t need a prize, just validation. Thanks!

I will send you another picture of Studly McYoungerstein as a token of my appreciation.

Becca says

I have sworn off Studly McYoungersteins. Thanks for your understanding!

RN says

Then thank God I’m on the magicjewball. I really was beginning to wonder,,,,

KP says


How about I send you a picture of me shaking a magic 8 ball?