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I’d like to drop my trousers to the Queen

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On April 12, 2006
At 9:36 am
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While channel-surfing those morning shows I hate this a.m. in search of some real news, I chanced upon this teaser on CBS’ The Early Show: “After the break, Prince Harry reaches a milestone in his life.”

Was it to much to hope that it would be this?

Nope, it was his graduation from military academy. They did manage to get in a mention of the better story towards the end of the piece, though. After this earth-shattering lead item they got to the other, duller news.


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Jane says

I want to see photos of the girl(s) that Harry got the lapdance(s) from. I’m curious. What kind of stripper does a Prince prefer?

Becca says

I’m guessing that when you’ve been in a military academy and your girlfriend lives on another continent, any kind will do.

Second guess: blonde and busty.

Kay says

All of the papers here had this as the lead story yesterday, except for The Guardian, which oddly enough, led with the situation with Iran. Go figure.

jillmvs says

Spearmint Rhino? Weird, even for those kooky Brits.